A Day at Storm King

Dylan had us take him to Storm King Art Center and he had a good time. While he slept through some key parts, he certainly got some first hand exposure to real art.
He enjoyed the area around Grosvernor's Untitled (1970).

He couldn't tear himself away from Alexander Lieberman's Adam (1970). Even when we carried about 100 yards away he would turn around and head right back uphill towards it.

There were plenty of others, too.

But this wasn't just about establishing an early pattern of erudition. It was also about getting a little sun and exercise.

And it was also about getting packed around a little.

For those folks who claim that landscape architecture is an art form, Dylan seemed to agree. Here he is inspecting Drain by Darrel Morrison and William Rutherford (c. 1990).

Here is one piece Dylan seemed fascinated by, Oak Tree by God (c. 1875). We let him break the "no touching" rule on this one.

On a separate note, Dylan had a little unplanned visit.