Up North in Wisconsin


As we were climbing into the taxi to leave, we had an unexpected visitor in your yard.

We each have our own special response to flying.

We got around a lot in a minivan which forced the boys to make nice.


Dylan got to revisit Madison (see also: 2002 trip). He returned to an old place and saw some different things this time.

Other than hanging out on the terrace, he spent some time at Madison's children's museum where he learned about construction and milking.

The boys made a new friend in Madison. Ian certainly seemed happy about the experience.

Then we headed to the NorthWoods of Wisconsin where we could spend some time boating around.

Shortly after the camera broke we were forced to leave paradise and decided to drive to Packer Heaven. When in Green Bay we saw trains, tall ships, and the cathedral of football. Ian was clearly affected by standing in the shadow of Coach Lombardi.

And then we went to see the cousins in Racine.