River Valleys

On the bank of the Pequest River, one of New Jersey's finest trout streams, Dylan enjoyed some of America's finest hot dogs. And, while he passed on a cold mug of buttermilk, he made it clear that place was a special place to go.

Down in the Delarware River Valley lies The Crayola FACTORY® at Two Rivers Landing. The boys were excited to color in a different state.

Ian liked writing on the walls. This is not a habit we want to encourage.

And some things weren't even really about the Crayola products...

The visit includes a quick peek in the National Canal Museum, althoug the boys focused on the trains. Oh, well.

We took a trip up the Hudson River Valley to meet up relatives from afar (and not so afar). We spent some time in Sleepy Hollow and tried to take a photo.

Then we went up to Bear Mountain and went in circles.