A Nice Day in April

With such nice weather, it'd be a shame to waste it indoors. So we took the Boys to NY to see some art. Our first stop was Storm King Art Center.

While the art was nice, it was also just a chance to play in the sun and hang out as a family.

Dylan didn't seem so convinced by some of the art. But he certainly found some pieces that he really enjoyed.

Ian got to spend lots of time out of the stroller. That thing will probably have to go into storage pretty soon.

Storm King has some fields of Sorghum that Dylan and Ian both really enjoyed.

While we were there, Dylan also got to play with a friend from New Jersey.

On the way home we stopped in New York City to see the Nomadic Museum, which had an exhibit called Ashes and Snow. But just seeing the museum (made of containers) was really impressive.

Just spending some time on the Hudson at sunset was nice too.