Kentucky Visit

The boys crossed the Alleghenies to visit friends and family.

The trip begin and finished with a Misty Mountain Hop.

At Sideling Hill...

At Hillbilly Hotdogs...

At Cooper's Rock...

Dylan and Ian enjoyed getting reacquainted with their cousin Sarah.

Mostly, the boys got to spend time with folks they hear about but don't see so often.

A quick visit to the firehouse helped teach Ian and Dylan that it is all about who you know.

Look at my worms!

The trip provided some different experiences: Ian got to enjoy some "me" time.

And he got to enjoy some family time with people other than Dylan.

Walking through a tree was pretty neat.

Dylan taught his uncle how to play golf.

The boys got to go to some pretty and meaningful places.

Dylan got to go for a tractor ride, too.