Hot Times

Hot weather and fun times.

We start with some cool water and cooler rides at Sesame Place. The boys saw their cousins Wyatt and Willow there. And they said wheeeeeeee a lot.

It isn't just about the rides. It is about meeting friends that you have long known but never personally met.

For even more fun we headed to South Jersey for the Cowtown Rodeo. Started in1929 it is said to the longest continuously run weekly rodeo in the US. But I doubt that they have had deep fried Oreos that entire time. The boys liked some of the events, but seemed to most enjoy the junk food.

While down there we visited the Salem Oak. It is a White Oak that has been estimated to be over 400 years old. They say that John Fenwick signed his treaty with the Lenni Lenape in 1675 under the tree. Since the tree was named after the Salem Oak Diner, it is hard to imagine just how old that is.