El Parc de l'Estació del Nord

American Sculptress Beverly Pepper led the design team that shaped this large park complete in 1991. It may seem like a long ways to go since she built a well-known piece within a few miles of our home. But we aren't allowed to visit since it is locked away on the campus of AT&T in Bedminster.

Pepper employed large geometric forms to define both positive and negative spaces. The main surfaces of these were covered with blue and white tiles. For instance, one area was shaped by a single linear element that ran in a downward spiral creating 360 degree amphitheater with trees growing in parts of it. Called, Spiral of Trees, the sculpture is a very usable and attactive space.

Another area featured 20' tall semi-pyramidal forms with tiled tenrils snaking around the landscape. These tendrils were angled in a way that made them more dangerous than a balance beam, but quite attractive in an attractive nuisance kind of way. An older kid could probably have climbed the pyramid too. The blue pyramid is the heart of a sculpture called Fallen Sky. Fortuntely Ian wore a jacket that matched fallen sky perfectly.

I gather that Fallen Skies and Spiral of Trees combine to form Sol I Ombra, or Sun and Shade.

LatLong: 41.393685, 2.183832