Parc d'Industrial

Parc d'Industrial is a new plaza that is already looking a little old. The site was an old industrial site that got fixed up as a contemporary hardscape. Finished in 1986, Luis Pena Ganchegui's park is built around a linear water basin with architectonic trees and towers to shape the space and reinforce the deliberate constructed feeling of the place.

The centerpiece of the park is Andres Nagel's giant tribute to St. George and the Dragon. The dragon is actually a play structure that includes two very rusty sliding boards. It really looked like Dylan had ruined his pants. And, no, you can't go up in those lighthouses/security towers. At least not without a crowbar.

It is really nice when a park has some grass and trees where you can just run and play peek-a-boo.

LatLong: 41.378120, 2.141347