El Barri Gòtic

The oldest part of town. The Barri Gotic (or Gothic Quarter) was Roman, then it was medieval and today is still pretty old. The streets are like a labyrinth without dead ends and are hard to follow even with a map. The entire quarter is laced with ancient ruins covered by old buildings. Below you see Dylan looking at the ruins old Roman wall that surrounded the city founded in the year 15 B.C. under the Emperor Augustus.

With lots of tourists come lots of shops.

La Boqueria is the quintessential market in Europe and the largest in Barcelona. You could buy just about anything you could imagine there. And it is a great place for photography, except when you are holding a pre-cut pineapple, 3 cherimoya, a load of dates, and a terrible two-ster.

Las Ramblas is the busiest street in Barcelona except that cars aren't allowed. Ian was really excited by the people selling rabbits. We were mostly worried about pickpockets.