Barcelona Pavillion

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed this building as a temporary building for a 1929 exhibition not realizing it would become one of THE icons of modern architecture. Well, the truth is that he probably did expect it. It is a simple celebration of materials (like alpine marble and travertine) and space.

The photographs of this statue (traditionally in black and white) are part of the essential iconography of twentieth-century architecture. The sculpture called 'Alba' was made by George Kolbe.

The colors were rather odd since I am most familiar with 1929 black and white photos of the building. This version (a perfect match, they swear) was rebuilt in 1980.

Instead of asking why Dylan is so happy, you should simply be asking about the amazing green marble surface behind him.

The pool is so still that it disappears in the picture of the smooth rocks at its bottom.

It doesn't matter how many languages you use when the chairs look that comfortable.

LatLong: 41.370551, 2.149962