Northern Virginia and DC

Harpers Ferry - at the meeting place of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. It is one of the best preserved historic towns in the US and home to the headquarters for the Appalchian Trail. Oh, and it has a cool train bridge to walk along.

Manasas = Bull Run.

By Civil War standards this was a great battlefield. While the boys were only briefly distracted by it, they did enjoy running around and hiking along the stream from which the battle got its name.

The Great Falls of the Potomac were a big hit. Water + rocks = fun.

Washington DC

FDR - at night.

The National Museum of the American Indian was a great place for an interesting lunch and fun place to stretch their legs.

The inside of the Smithsonians held some fun surprises and familiar friends.

At the National Building Museum, we built a working arch and then ran around under the large arches.

Little did they know that these fun pyramids and exciting waterfalls (by I. M. Pei) were really the roof of a boring art museum. .

Yes, Ian is eating on a piece of art.

The National Archives were not as exciting as Dylan had hoped.

The boys had read about the White House and were quite excited about visiting.