We drove the boys halfway across the Appalachians to see some family who were visiting from far flung locales. But while we were there we had a little fun.

Cumberland is home to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad which goes to Frostburg and comes back to Cumberland. Just visiting the station and seeing the smoke-belching steam engine is fun for a three year old.

Then we got on "Mountain Thunder" for a ride. Some people saw Dylan off as the train left the station. Ian was very excited to see Dylan leave.

The train was exciting to watch. So was the scenery. We even went through a long dark tunnel, but the photos of that weren't very impressive.

Dylan was a very studious train tourist.

Dylan was very excited to ride the train. (Don't worry, he is just playin'.)

We saw lots of family including a number of people with "Great, Great" in front of their name.

Here you can see a direct lineage of four generations