The 3rd Annual Photo Shoot

Getting a good photo of the boys for the Christmas Card is harder than you think. Here's proof.

This year we tried a trial set-up to test out a few different ideas about how the boys might sit and what props to try. It certainly made it clear to us that we were going to have a hard time getting both boys on the same page.

We briefly tried shooting outside. The light was good, but the backdrops were limited and it was hard to find a good branch for two.

Once we finally settled on the simple wreath backdrop, we still had to get them situated.

You can see how Dylan felt about the whole thing.

This next one has a nice pose and enough cheerfulness to work. But their skyward glances are distracting.

The boys both looked good in this next one, but they had slowly slid to the edges of the frame. Maybe you think it was better than the one we chose.

Finally, we got this one an called it quits.