Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Dylan finally made it to Toronto more than a year later than originally planned. In a city filled with Maple Leafs he kept saying "Oak Tree" and "Oak Leaf".

He experienced art in a first hand way in this city filled with art.

This is known as the Chair Series...

And this one is known as the Cow Series...

There were lots of flowers to explore.

But sometimes he was just a blur in an otherwise scenic landscape. He can run quite fast these days.

Here is our little blur indoors.

This city knows how to play.



The CN Tower, which claims to be the tallest building in the world, provides some great views that we could all enjoy.

It also had a glass floor where you could look straight down 1,122 feet. The adults thought it was creepy. Dylan couldn't understand why.

Big boy, even bigger tower.

Trains became an important theme as he rode subways and streetcars and "drove" this playground train.

And rode a train in Centreville (a kiddie themepark). The last two photos show his reaction when we rode through a tunnel.

He was also very interested in some other equipment...

Lots of fun animals too.

No need to go down under as he demonstrates that he already knows how to move like an emu.

Sometimes it takes more than one try to get it right.


Avast, ye mateys!

Lost in the jungle.

And sometimes it is just fun to roll around in a different country.


And, finally, a few large versions of the Best of Toronto. These are good for printing and PC Wallpaper. Click on the thumbnail below to get a BIG version of the photo.