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Dylan -- Ian's Big Brother
Ian -- Dylan's Little Brother



All Time



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Germany 2016


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Santa Barbara
Watts Tower
College Campuses
The Eames House
Santa Monica


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Costa Rican Animals

New Orleans and Lousiana

Some sports


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Utah and Wyoming (requires Flash)

July 4th




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Fall fun

Pre-season fun


Memorial Day Weekend



Valley Forge - Mostly on the hilltops, though


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1st Day - Back to school

Virginia - A litle old fashioned learning

The Desert Southwest

DC - Including a Nationals game

Broadway - Their first play

Missing Tooth - Ian joins the club


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Pigskin - Dylan watches some football

The District - Another visit to DC

Mainely Maine (with Boston Bits)

Glenmont - Edison's Home and a nearby zoo

Field Days - Ag FIeld Day and Trail Day

Star Wars - The museum exhibit

California 2008:  
  Muir Woods
  Monterey Bay Aquarium
  Monterey Coastline
  Santa Cruz Boardwalk
  Golden Gate Bridge
  San Francisco



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Photo Shoot 2007



Hike in the Woods

Fall is Back

A Shore Thing

Dylan's new camera

Temporary Spain Pages: w/o kids 1, w/o kids 2, w/o kids 3, w/ kids

Field Day

Earth Day

Delmarva - A trip across the Chesapeake Bay

At the Met

Players - It is all about the game

Lost tooth - Not much else going on.

Double Trouble - A state park and a zoo.


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Just Beachy - One last trip to the beach in 2006.

Photo Shoot 2006 - The annual tradition continues.

Turkey and Cake - Thanksgiving and Ian's birthday in Lexington.

Trinity - a few shots from a brief visit to the City.

Florida and Halloween.

Day One - Kindergarten is underway.

Riverbank - A state park in the city.

DC and Northern Virginia.

Queens, NY - A trip to the close end of Long Island.

Birthday 5 -- A very happy, but exhausting, birthday.

Graduation -- Here is the wrap-up of the school year from June. It includes old and new videos as well as new photos.

Heating Up -- The dog days of summer are here.

Oregon Vacation -- Like Barcelona, expect a cleaned-up version later.

Nature Hike -- The boys head to the woods.

Ag Field Day -- I guess this is the last Ag Field Day "Cook College"

Easter Break -- Another spring break for the boys complete with holiday and visitors.

The International Dinner -- One of the biggest events of the year, with Mr. Ray as the annual honored guest.

Barcelona - FInal -- Barcelona Verson 3.0. It is still incomplete and mildly incorrect in spots. But much more than the old version i. Just click on any of the photos that interest you for an entire web page hidden behind it. Don't expect the final release of Version 3 until May, or later.

A Cold Day -- In New York - Dinosaurs, Mars, and butterflies.

Brooklyn -- One of Dylan's favorite Boroughs.

Grounds -- We revisit the Grounds for Sculpture with a friend from Wisconsin.


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Kentucky Christmas -- If Santa can fly around the world, why can't we drive 12 hours each way?

Photo Shoot -- Another year, another card.

Birthday Turkey -- Celebrations abound.

Shopping -- Retail adventures.

Spooky -- Some scary creatures.

River Valleys -- Out and about in October.

Storybook Land -- A trip to the amusement park.

Summer's End -- A glimpse at some end of summer activties.

CALIFORNIA -- Here are the final California multimedia (includes audio) materials.

Dylan's Birthday Party


July in NY/NJ -- July lands the boys on both sides of the Hudson .

Central Park and Zoo -- The Boys visit the third best park in the world.

Buck Garden -- A trip to the Leonard J. Buck Garden (designed by swiss landscape architect Zenon Schreiber).

School's Out -- End of the year festivities.

Kentucky 2005 -- Over the (Big Sandy) River and through the woods (of West Virginia) to Gradmother's House we go.

The Twins -- The Boys meet some new (slightly distant) cousins.

Early May -- Starting to get more sunshine and bruises.

A Nice Day In April -- Storm King and Nomadic Museum.

Family and Friends -- Getting through the end of winter.

Barbarians at The Gates (1979-2005) -- A thorough exploration of environmental art.

Bear tracks and pots and pans
-- A trip up the Delaware.

Hot and Cold -- Sand and surf, snow and sleds.

2 0 0 4

Photo Shoot -- Yet another year's efforts to get the perfect picture.

December 2004 -- An outing or two leading up to the Big Day.

TEMPORARY -- The Thanksgiving and Birthday collection still need to be cleaned up some, but here is a rough draft. Ian gets a litle more "face time".

Videos -- These are large and should only be viewed using fast connections (the smallest is over 3mb).

  • The Hug -- the Boys embrace, even if it is only for a moment.Bouncy Bouncy -- Mommy takes Ian for a ride.The Twist -- Ian gets a special ride.Entertained -- Some days Ian is easy to entertain.
  • Cha-Ching-Cha-Ching-Cha-Ching -- Ian makes noise and loves it.

  • Washington, DC -- The boys visited the Federal seat of government.

    Thomas the Tank Engine -- For a brief few hours, Dylan thought that he'd gone to Paradise. And, in fact he had.

    Cumberland -- Yet another steam engine.

    End of August -- At the end of August The Boys got a visit from their Grandma and got out a last few times before the fall.

    Birthday #3 -- Dylan turns three.

    Steamtown -- A very full day of trains.

    July -- An incomplete accounting of July minus the time in Wisconsin. UPDATED!

    Wisconsin Revisited -- An accounting of our recent time up North. UPDATED!

    June -- June has been a busy month for both of our growing boys.

    Recovering -- While we are recovering from a technological setback, we are posting some photos from May.

    April Fun -- Spring has sprung.

    SPRING BREAK: Cousins -- The first installment from spring break with the boys features a visit with their "cousins" in Virginia.
    SPRING BREAK: Charleston -- Charleston hit us with some wet weather, but we still enjoyed it.
    SPRING BREAK: Islands -- The boys saw some beach on the islands. Warning: the page is fairly large.
    SPRING BREAK: Savannah -- we stretched our legs in Forsyth Park.
    SPRING BREAK: National Zoo -- The boys both really enjoyed our visit to the National Zoo. We'll be seeing some more before the year is out.

    Warming Up -- TAs the temperature rises, so does the activity level.

    More Visits -- The Boys continue to be magnets for inter-state travel.

    January -- It was a cold, long month (with short days).


    2 0 0 3

    Visits from the Grandparents

    The Many Faces of Ian -- The little guy begins to express himself.
    Christmas Presents -- Ian's First Christmas.

    The Photo Shoot
    Happy at Home -- Ian at home.
    Coping -- Dylan tries to cope with the many changes that his life is bringing.
    At the hospital
    Brothers Updated!

    Leaf Piles -- Enjoying the last days of freedom
    October -- Dylan hikes and trick-or-treats.
    Orchard Trip -- We celebrated the onset of Autumn with an orchard trip and celebrated the start of baseball's post-season with a trip to the ballpark.
    Bad Haircut? -- Dylan's new haircut has people talking.
    Oh, Canada!
    -- Dylan finally gets to Canada and visits the world's tallest building.

    -- Hippos and Jesters and Trikes, Oh My!.
    Birthday #2 -- Photos and video.
    Late July -- Getting out a little.
    A Family 4th
    -- Dylan finally meets his cousin, but never gets to see fireworks.

    Bergen Boy
    -- The boy spends a day in Bergen County.

    HAWAI'I --
  • Hawaii: Part 3 -- Photos of Hawaii without Dylan in them.

    And a review for the trip, the Hawaii Video trilogy:
  • Hawaii Video 1 -- a short video, <1mb.
    Hawaii Video 2 -- The largest video, 2.1mb. Listen close at the end and you can hear him whisper "Hawaii."
  • Hawaii Video 3 -- another short video, <1mb.

    Staten Island Zoo -- A short trip to a small zoo.

    April 2003 -- Egg hunts and family visits.

    VIDEO: Egg Hunt -- This is a 3mb video of Dylan on an Easter Egg hunt. Be warned, it'll take a long time to download and may not work on some machines.

    March 2003 -- In like lamb and out like a lion.

    New Look -- Dylan decided to skip the hippie look for now.

    Blizzard -- Dylan prefers the outdoors under almost any condition.

    Basketball -- Dylan discovers indoor sports.


    2 0 0 2

    Post-Christmas Snowday -- The last snow of the year.

    Christmas -- with Family.

    Snow Daze -- Dylan's Winter Wonderland (early December).

    Thanksgiving-- Turkey Day in the Bluegrass.

    The Grounds for Sculpture trilogy:
    . . . . Grounds . . . . Leaves . . . . Wheels

    Storm King -- A little weekend outing.

    BMOC -- Getting back into the swing of things.

    August Trip -- A little travel at the end of August.

    Birthday -- Celebrating Dylan's birthday in several different little ways.



    Madison -- Including a visit to the zoo.

    Maine in May -- Dylan visits the rugged coast of Maine.

    More May -- Dylan returns to the beach at Spring Lake. Tries to eat sand. And studies Marine Sciences in the Bronx.

    Getting Out -- Dylan starts learning about the sun.

    Late April -- Outdoors and home improvement.

    Hoilday Zoo -- The first warm weather outing and a holiday.

    Mostly March -- March didn't see many pictures.

    February -- February brought family.

    January -- January was pleasantly uneventful.


    2 0 0 1

    Holidays -- A first installment of Dylan's Holidays.

    Italy II -- The second installment of Dylan's European Adventure. Less of Dylan, more of Italy.

    Italy I -- The first installment of Dylan's European Adventure.

    November -- A very busy month, with only a few pictures to show for it.

    Halloween -- Dylan's first Halloween.

    Week 11 -- Dylan's first trip across state lines.

    Autumn -- Includes a visit to a pumpkin patch.

    Month 2 -- Includes a visit to Liberty State Park.

    Late Sept. -- Includes beach shots.

    Week6 -- Since they aren't coming as often I made these bigger instead.

    Month One -- Hard to believe that it has already been a whole month.

    More Faces -- Just a few more faces.

    3rd Week -- Same kid, more pictures.

    Faces -- Dylan has many moods, and many faces.

    2nd Week -- Since he spends so much time asleep, we focused on that.

    1st Week -- The rest of the 1st week.

    Days 2 & 3 -- a few more.

    Day One -- 8/5/01.

    The Nursery -- It is ready, more or less.